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Covering all the Bases This Spring

The unprecedented levels of winter rainfall across the whole of the country this winter should be giving farmers cause for concern when assessing their available soil nutrients.  Nitrogen, potash and sulphur are known to be vulnerable to leaching but this year additional nutrients are at risk –  so it is even more important to test your […]

Fibrophos PK fertiliser introduces completely renewable nutrient source

Fibrophos offers an environmentally-friendly product to satisfy farmers’ increasing requirements to play their part in tackling climate change. Food production in the UK is coming under increasing scrutiny as pressure groups target certain sectors of agriculture that they believe are contributing to climate change.  All areas of agriculture have a part to play in producing […]

Why are we Fixated on Soil Phosphate Availability?

Despite so much evidence to the contrary there still remain a few agronomists who seem to be fixated on the link between water soluble phosphate and soil phosphate availability. This should concern us all as they may be misleading British farmers. They are possibly depriving them of the opportunity for a more cost effective renewable […]