What our customers say

Sometimes it just seems to good to be true. You can reduce your P & K costs by using Fibrophos especially after the phosphate price rises of last year, and you get the added benefit of applying Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium and all the trace Elements at no extra cost. It really is a no brainer.

Andrew Perry, Grampound, Truro, Cornwall

After 5 years of applying fibrophos at 4cwt/acre, we have seen a dramatic increase in yields off a poor-performing block of land which was on its knees when we bought it, having never had anything more than Nitrogen applied. “Our zero level Phosphate and Potash levels are now at 2+ with barley yielding 3+ tonne/acre. You wouldn’t believe the improvement in the white clover ley and the cattle graze it better than ever. We’ve just applied fibrophos, Nitrogen and lime and the pH is up to 6.5 from 4.4. “Winning the Big Bale Silage competition is testament to getting our soils back in shape; we know it’s not just the Phosphate and Potash but the Sulphur, Calcium, Selenium, Iron and trace elements in fibrophos that has put the life back into those depleted soils.”

Meurig Harries, Wolfscastle, Haverfordwest

We have been using fibrophos in various quantities for the last 6 years and are finding that we are getting better yields mainly through increased bushel weights in both wheats and barleys on the fields that we have applied fibrophos. “The one thing that convinced me most was an area of 6 acres or so in the corner of a large field that originally was very low in pH 4.8 and despite applying generous amounts of lime over a number of years still remained a poor yielding area. “Some three years ago we applied 8cwts fibrophos per acre and since then this problem 6 acres is producing the same yields as the rest of the field. The only explanation I have is the fibrophos.

Harry Barclay Farms, Oakham, Leicestershire

I am sure fibrophos has helped to delay senescence on the poor areas of our light sandy loams resulting in a better average yield in our potatoes. The fibrophos system with its Sulphur and trace elements has proved itself year on year for our potatoes and following crops.

Chris Mayhew, Levington, Suffolk