fibrophos fertiliser for root crops

It is known that Sodium and Boron are important nutrients for growing root crops such as sugarbeet. fibrophos contains useful levels of Boron (150 ppm) and Sodium (3% Na20) along with other trace elements required for healthy crops.

Trials were carried out in 1997 to evaluate the benefits of fibrophos on sugarbeet which were inconclusive. However, fibrophos was seen to yield as well when compared to triple superPhosphate and Muriate of Potash with higher sugar yields in the fibrophos plots.

fibrophos fertiliser for root crops

Further trials were run in 1998 and the results are summarised:

Evaluation of fibrophos for sugar beet

Objective And Method
Levington Agriculture Ltd1998LA Project 98145
The trial was designed to gain information on fibrophos Extra-K as P & K source for Sugarbeet at two sites in Cornwall and Suffolk. The treatments were factorially combined so that each P & K source was tested at every rate of application.


The plant vigour was significantly better on the treated plots and by June the rate responses were visible. Colour of the beet leaves was likewise better.

By the end of August, the average score for vigour from the fibrophos treatment was significantly greater than that from TSP/MOP.

Both fibrophos and TSP/MOP tended to increase sugar content.


fibrophos was as effective as TSP/MOP in promoting growth of sugarbeet as demonstrated by colour and vigour assessments during the season.

fibrophos application increased root sugar content.