PK fertiliser with Sulphur, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium plus trace elements

Unconventional but natural

Unlike conventional made-to-measure fertilisers, engineered to a formula, fibrophos’ nutrients are in exactly the same ratio as those removed by the growing crop. It is after all produced from manure from cereal fed chickens.

PK Fertiliser with Sulphur, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium

Rich in Phosphate and Potash with good levels of Sulphur, Magnesium, Sodium and Calcium. Extensive range of trace elements: Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Iodine and Selenium.

fibrophos is really unique!

Its biggest advantage is its complexity. A complete range of all the nutrients (less Nitrogen) required by all crops and grassland to achieve high yields.

Big PK boost followed by extended release

Farmers who have been spreading fibrophos for a number of years now notice that they have built up a stable and balanced level of nutrients in their soil.

fibrophos has the advantage of being able to release its nutrients – especially the Phosphate and Potash – steadily over time.

This is great in the case of Potash because a slower uptake reduces the risk of staggers. (The Magnesium in the fertiliser will also help with this.)

As the Potash is available in line with plant demands, they become healthier and stronger.

In the case of Phosphate, fibrophos’ long-lasting source means that you can see the benefits beyond the first year of application, ensuring full effectiveness of the Nitrogen used. In fact the Phosphate encourages such good clover growth that inputs of Nitrogen on grass leys and pastures may be cut back.

Even on high pH soils, where PK release can be difficult from some fertilisers, fibrophos proves to be as effective as triple superPhosphate and Muriate of Potash.


fibrophos’ good levels of Sulphur will significantly reduce the risk of soil deficiency and therefore help contribute to higher crop yield and quality.

Oilseed rape and brassica crops respond well to the high levels of Sulphur in fibrophos.

Sodium and Magnesium

Magnesium deficiencies can lead to loss in yield in potatoes and sugar beet. This can be corrected by regular applications of fibrophos. Sodium dramatically improves palatability of grass and helps to maintain healthy pastures. Cattle and sheep even favour pastures where fibrophos has been applied!

Trials have shown far greater uptake of Sodium in grass where fibrophos has been applied compared with triple superPhosphate / Muriate of Potash. And the same results are true of Magnesium. Trials comparing uptake using TSP/ MOP and fibrophos show the greatest Magnesium uptake from the fibrophos.

These nutrients are essential in the diets of grazing livestock, making fibrophos the optimum choice fertiliser on pasture.


Regular applications of fibrophos increase soil pH, improving availability of other nutrients, such as Sodium, and saving on liming costs.

A perfect match

fibrophos replaces the elements taken by the plant from the soil, apart from Nitrogen.

It raises the soil Phosphate and Potash indices on the poorest soils and packs the soil again with most of the other nutrients that are needed. The immediate effect is increased yields across a much more productive, well-fed acreage.

Grassland, cereals, oilseed rape, peas, beans and potatoes have all been shown to thrive in fibrophos-fed soils. Extensive trials show fibrophos to be a very effective source of P + K across the whole farm.