A fertiliser which delivers positive carbon savings!

Studies carried out by SLR Consulting, a private independent consulting company found that Fibrophos PK-Fertiliser and P-Grow created a significant carbon benefit to farmers when spread to land as a fertiliser.

Extensive work taking into account a very wide range of factors in 2021 based on feedstock types and their source, costs of energy production and the value of green electricity generated relative to alternative generation methods, showed very significant positive carbon benefits both in terms of the energy produced and the savings when used as a fertiliser.

Fibrophos/ P-Grow delivered an average saving of 0.53 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of fertiliser.

The green electricity exported to the National Grid as a result of burning the natural fuels delivered a saving of 0.31 tonnes of CO2 per MWh

The figures are even more striking when one considers the negative environmental impacts of mining nutrients for alternative inorganic fertilisers in far off countries and the subsequent importation to the UK with its associated logistics and dockside handling.

Farmers in the UK can now make a positive impact to their farm carbon status by the use of Fibrophos and P-Grow on their land in the knowledge that actions have had no adverse environmental impact in other parts of the world.  The application of Fibrophos encourages and supports the re-using and recycling of finite Phosphorus and Potash resources.