Improving Soil Health

Improving soil health is top of the government’s agenda in the years ahead and with input costs rising rapidly it is essential to maximise crop production which can only be done when you soils are in tip-top health.

There are a number of factors which can improve the health status of your soils but reducing soil movement is key to reduced compaction which helps reduce loss of carbon.  This factor alone will lead to improved soil biodiversity, and will protect the air and water within the soil  -encouraging better crop establishment leading to lower input costs and higher yields.

Another key factor is having sufficient Calcium within your soils which holds the soil open to let water percolate more freely.

Magnesium also plays a critical structural role as it tends to disperse clay colloids when wet causing the soil to slump and become sticky.

So don’t ignore the value of these important often overlooked elements and consider their addition by applying all-round fertilisers such as Fibrophos and P-Grow when sourcing your phosphate and potash this year.


Contact your local distributor to keep your soils in good shape.