fibrophos fertiliser for grassland

fibrophos is unique as an all in one concentrated fertiliser for grassland. It not only raises the soil Phosphate and Potash status but it also contains a complete range of secondary and trace elements, including Calcium which provides a good lime value for the soil.

fibrophos as a source of Phosphate for grass

Objective And Method
Levington Agriculture Ltd1992-4Project LA201
The trial set out to evaluate fibrophos as a Phosphate source when applied to grassland. The trial ran for three years. The soil chosen was a sandy clay with a pH of 5.9. P & K indices were both 1 with a Mg index of 2. A randomised block, replicated 4 times was chosen.

A uniform dressing of N & K was applied in the spring and a single cut taken in June 1994. fibrophos was compared with TSP and Rock Phosphate.


Grass DMP yield Kg/ha
199219931994*199219931994**One cust only


fibrophos is an effective Phosphate source similar to TSP and superior to (Gafsa)Phosphate rock in both grass dry matter and Phosphate yield.

Application Recommendations for 0-22-12 (Grassland)
Soil P index 0 or 1625-7505-6Every 2-3 years
Grass/clover swards6255Every 3 years
Permanent pasture or low P soils5004Annually until deficiency corrected
Grassland establishment5004In the seedbed
Application Recommendations for 0-12-24 (Grassland)
Silage:one cut system3753
multi-cut/further cuts3002.5
For more balanced soil conditions and requirements use 0-17-17