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Why are we Fixated on Soil Phosphate Availability?

Despite so much evidence to the contrary there still remain a few agronomists who seem to be fixated on the link between water soluble phosphate and soil phosphate availability. This should concern us all as they may be misleading British farmers. They are possibly depriving them of the opportunity for a more cost effective renewable […]

Phosphate in Fibrophos

Phosphate availability – dispelling the myths

As we move towards a far more environmentally focussed form of farming with future support payments likely to be linked to tighter controlled friendly farming, it is becoming critical that we focus on efficient use of fertilisers – particularly phosphate which is the dominant cause of agricultural water quality failure.


Secondary nutrients for your soil WITHOUT extra cost

In addition to PK elements, Fibrophos fertilisers contain a wide range of secondary nutrients (Sulphur, Magnesium, Sodium & Calcium) and important trace elements in significant quantities – all without extra cost. Furthermore, chemical analysis has shown that those released are in forms available to plants. Our handbook contains detailed reports and test results for Sulphur, […]

Fibrophos PK Fertiliser for Grassland

Fibrophos helps to raise the soil phosphate and potash indices on the poorest soils and together with all the other key nutrients naturally contained within it, will help to increase yields across the farm. Regular applications of Fibrophos ensure that phosphate and potash, so vital for grass establishment, are maintained and those important secondary and […]

Potash in Fibrophos

Potash in Fibrophos

Fibrophos is a very effective source of potash, which is an important nutrient for grass especially where the whole crop is removed by silage or hay cuts. In grain, potash is removed in proportion to the yield, e.g. 27 units per acre are removed in each tonne of grain and straw. 40 units per acre […]

Phosphate in Fibrophos

Phosphate in Fibrophos

Trials have shown that Fibrophos is a very effective source of phosphate across a wide range of soil types throughout the UK. The phosphate in Fibrophos is more than 80% soluble in 2% citric acid and half is soluble in neutral ammonium citrate providing a long lasting as well as immediate supply to the growing […]

Fibrophos, Organic, Sustainable, Renewable PK Source

Fibrophos PK Fertiliser – organic – sustainable – renewable

Fibrophos is an organic PK fertiliser consisting mainly of phosphate and potash, with sulphur, magnesium, calcium, sodium and significant quantities of essential trace elements, required by root crops, grassland, cereals and arable crops to achieve high yields. It is derived from the incineration of predominantly deep litter poultry manure, used to fuel state of the […]

Fibrophos for root crops

Fibrophos as a P&K source for potatoes

Comparison: Maincrop potatoes grown on randomised replicated plots were compared with conventional fertiliser as TSP and MOP. Conclusion: There were significant yield differences where fertiliser was applied but not between Fibrophos and the comparable TSP and MOP suggesting that Fibrophos is a suitable nutrient for potatoes. The results of the soil analysis showed that Fibrophos […]

The importance of replenishing our soil

It is now finally dawning on many that we cannot sustain the same level of intensive agriculture that we have seen over the past 50 years. Cereal yields have continued to grow as great progress has been made with genetics and soil nutrition but too little attention has been given to the vital medium which sustains this growth – the soil.