Environmentally friendly, Carbon neutral, natural fertiliser for agriculture

fibrophos is a concentrated fertiliser of totally organic origin providing mainly Phosphate and Potash, with Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and significant quantities of essential trace elements required by crops and grass. Fibrophos is carbon neutral at factory gate.

Where does fibrophos come from?

fibrophos is derived from the incineration of deep litter poultry manure, which is used as a fuel for state of the art electricity power stations.

The resultant ash from the furnace is pure fertiliser containing all the plant nutrients (except Nitrogen) which were present in the poultry feed. fibrophos returns the nutrients back to the soil in the balance removed by the crops, making it an ideal envIronmentally friendly, natural fertiliser for agriculture.

fibrophos is therefore a renewable nutrient source and does not use up scarce resources such as mineral Phosphates.

Amounts of secondary and trace elements removed by crops and supplied by fibrophos
Barley 3.5t/acre grain plus 2t/acre straw2220320.030.040.440.410.24
Wheat 3.5t/acre grain plus 2.5t/acre straw2622340.040.040.480.470.25
Potatoes 20t/acre1313300.
Rape 1.5t/acre151168*
Grass Silagel Ot/acre at 20%DM3410150.040.040.600.400.20
fibrophos applied at

* 48 units /acre Sulphur required at end of flowering # Adapted from:- a)Simpson, 1986 b)John Archer "Crop Nutrition and Fertiliser Use"

How do we know fibrophos does what is claimed ?

Formal trial work has been systematically carried out to establish that the product performs in yield and quality terms as well as Triple-SuperPhosphate (TSP) and Muriate of Potash (MOP) – both of which are used as standards. Using a variety of well respected research bodies, it was confirmed that the Phosphate and Potash in fibrophos are as effective as TSP and MOP across most soil pH levels. In some cases the Potash in fibrophos was shown to demonstrate less antagonism than that of Muriate of Potash. The work further demonstrates the added bonus of fibrophos with increased performance from the other major and minor nutrients also present.

How does fibrophos compare with other fertilisers ?

fibrophos is priced competitively on a unit delivered basis with PK fertilisers across the UK. The many added benefits e.g. secondary and trace elements are therefore offered as a considerable bonus.

Organic status of fibrophos

Although derived from totally organic origin, fibrophos has not been given organic registration where the litter is derived from poultry reared in intensive systems – including most broiler systems. Where litter is sourced from approved animal husbandry systems, fibrophos has been approved for use on organic systems by UKROFS (Soil Association and Organic Farmers & Growers, etc). Therefore, unless the regulations change, fibrophos cannot be used in organic systems.

Availability and application of fibrophos

fibrophos is currently only available as a coarse powder and is best spread using contractors’ moving belt machines. There is a comprehensive network of distributors and merchants throughout the UK who have access to suitable machines.