fibrophos fertiliser for potatoes

A number of farmers have been using fibrophos fertiliser for potatoes as a source of P and K for a number of years with impressive results.

Objective And Method
Trial was designed to test fibrophos as a source of P and K for potatoes.

Two maincrop trials using 5 replicates in randomised complete block design on sandy loam and sandy silt loam were laid down in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire in 2002.


There were no visual effects seen between treatments during the growing season.

There were significant yield increases at the Cambridgeshire site although no difference between the fibrophos application and the TSP/MOP plots. All treatments gave 10 per cent more yield than the untreated plots. Soil potassium indices at the Norfolk site increased from 0 to 1.


The results would strongly suggest that fibrophos is a suitable nutrient source for potatoes. Furthermore, fibrophos can increase the soil Potash by as least as much as that of MOP.