fibrophos fertiliser specifications

fibrophos fertiliser specifications – fibrophos grades

England & Wales Balanced
High K
Extra K
High K
Ideal for arable and grassland situations where a balanced PK is required.Perfect for lower Potash soils, silage or where extra Potash is required.Where Potash demanding crops are grown.

Typical concentrations of other nutrients present in all grades

Secondary elements:All grades of fibrophos are
sold as Compound Fertilisers
as defined on page 46 of the
UK Fertiliser Regulations 1991
and supported by an appropriate
statutory statement.

Fibrophos Ltd are members
of the Agricultural Industries
Confederation (AIC).
Calcium18% as CaO
Sulphur8% as SO3
Magnesium4% as MgO
Sodium4% as Na2O
Trace Nutrients:
Iron4000 ppm as Fe
Manganese1200 ppm as Mn
Copper300 ppm as Cu
Boron130ppm as B
Molybdenum5ppm as Mo
Cobalt2 ppm as Co
Selenium2 ppm as Se
Neutralising value15% as CaO