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Soil pH management – to help the Environment

Maintaining optimum pH in UK soils is known to be vital for increasing productivity and reducing input costs but by doing so will also help meet the increasingly stringent environmental demands of a sustainable future. The Professional Agricultural Analysis Group (PAAG) suggests that 41% of arable soils are below the optimum of 6.5 and 57% […]

Phosphate and Potash applications are falling short

A report summarising soil analysis across a diverse range of farms submitted by members of The Professional Agricultural Analysis Group (PAAG) for the year up to May 2019 has revealed some concerning results. Only 9% of all samples were at target levels for both P & K. This has been the trend for previous years […]

Fibrophos PK fertiliser introduces completely renewable nutrient source

Fibrophos offers an environmentally-friendly product to satisfy farmers’ increasing requirements to play their part in tackling climate change. Food production in the UK is coming under increasing scrutiny as pressure groups target certain sectors of agriculture that they believe are contributing to climate change.  All areas of agriculture have a part to play in producing […]