Fibrophos PK fertiliser introduces completely renewable nutrient source

Fibrophos offers an environmentally-friendly product to satisfy farmers’ increasing requirements to play their part in tackling climate change.

Food production in the UK is coming under increasing scrutiny as pressure groups target certain sectors of agriculture that they believe are contributing to climate change.  All areas of agriculture have a part to play in producing food efficiently, in a manner that does not adversely harm the environment.

A key area where we can make a real difference is fertiliser inputs. Much of the fertiliser applied in the UK today is mined, processed and transported from overseas. Much of this is mined minerals  – never to be replaced.

There are alternatives available to UK Farmers. Fibrophos is a totally renewable nutrient source. Using the ash by-product of UK-produced chicken litter (which is used as fuel to generate carbon neutral green electricity feeding directly into the national grid) it is prepared into a spreadable, nutrient-rich phosphate and potash rich fertiliser.

Fibrophos not only recycles valuable phosphate and potash but a wide range of secondary elements (including, sulphur, magnesium, calcium and sodium) and essential trace elements.

It is really vital that we replace all the nutrients removed by high yielding crops and grass which go into making a healthy biosphere beneath the ground – not just the major nutrients of NPK.  Using home-produced Fibrophos makes perfect sense as it is naturally produced on local soil, recycling the nutrients as by-product from UK poultry production. It’s a perfect cycle.

Being a coarse powder, Fibrophos is distributed by well-established, professional spreading operators. They will arrange for the product to be delivered and spread in bulk without the need for double handling and without the hassle and harm of plastic bag disposal. Furthermore, the farmer only pays for what they need after it has been applied – so there’s no wastage and it’s easy on the finances.

Fibrophos has been a great success story over the past 25 years with over 1.3 million tonnes applied across UK arable and grassland on varying soil types. It really offers the perfect environmental solution for a necessary major input.

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