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Phosphate in Fibrophos

Phosphate availability – dispelling the myths

As we move towards a far more environmentally focussed form of farming with future support payments likely to be linked to tighter controlled friendly farming, it is becoming critical that we focus on efficient use of fertilisers – particularly phosphate which is the dominant cause of agricultural water quality failure.

How can I buy Fibrophos?

Fibrophos is available across the UK though a comprehensive network of main distributors and merchants. Contact 0800 690 6209 to find your nearest merchant or email

How does Fibrophos compare with the cost of other fertilisers?

Fibrophos is competitively priced with all P&K fertilisers across the UK. In addition, the secondary and trace elements in Fibrophos are supplied at no extra charge so provide a cost effective way to replace nutrients removed or to correct deficiencies in your soil – giving you peace of mind. Read more FAQs about Fibrophos.

Will the trace elements in Fibrophos make much difference?

Trace elements are essential nutrients for all growing crops and need replacing. Acute trace element deficiencies need supplementary treatment but regular applications of Fibrophos will enrich the mineral composition of the soil. Fibrophos puts back trace elements in the same proportion as they were initially removed – because it is produced from combusted (cereal rich) […]