Fibrophos, Organic, Sustainable, Renewable PK Source

Find out how Fibrophos works and how it is produced

How does it work?

It’s not a blend but it replaces nutrients in the same ratio removed by the growing crop. The immediate effects are a big PK boost. Unlike some other fertilisers there is a longer term benefit with the release of nutrients steadily over time, building balanced, stable soil and healthier, stronger crops.

How is Fibrophos produced?

It comes from predominantly deep litter poultry manure from cereal fed chickens, which is incinerated at 850°C in biomass power stations, producing a safe, pathogen free, ash by-product which is conditioned into a pure agronomically effective fertiliser containing all the plant nutrients (except nitrogen) which were present in the poultry feed.

How long has Fibrophos been produced?

For over two decades arable and grassland farmers have seen the benefits of Fibrophos and demand grows year on year. Research has confirmed that the phosphate and potash in Fibrophos is as effective as TSP and MOP and that secondary and trace elements offer an additional bonus. It works and it works very well.

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